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They're both looking out for what's best for their families and friends and, in a way, both of them are right.

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The thing is that she doesn't know who the father is. When Rick was in his coma and they were traveling with Shane, the two of them got together. Rick knows of the possibility that this new child could be Shane's and he tries desperately to push it away and not think about it. Regardless of what he may show on the outside, Rick is a very fragile man. Other people have outright lost it, but he's holding on. However this might all be a show because when pushed about a topic like this or when Carl gets shot, he's stark raving mad.

The minor characters of the book start to get fleshed out more, as well. Kirkman has a talent for writing in layers.

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There are many things going on in each issue and they all serve to push the overall story along. In this volume alone, there's a budding romance between Tyreese and Carol, one of the survivors, a passionate love affair between the older widower Dale and the college co-ed Andrea who lost her sister in the previous volume, and something fishy going on between Tyreese's daughter Julie and her boyfriend Chris. And that's just the tip of the iceberg of the problems these characters face.

Charlie Adlard steps in as the regular artist with this volume and if I didn't read about the change, I wouldn't have noticed the difference. He does a great job in keeping the style consistent which is something that is very hard to do in comics. The black and white pencils illustrate the drab existence that these travelers now have. Morale is low and life is serious.

The zombies take a slight backseat in this book but they're still very much a part of the story. I think there's only one zombie in the entire first issue here. When they do come up, though, Adlard's art brings them out in full force. I do have to give him credit, too, because no two zombies look alike.

They're all unique designs. I have also heard that he's drawn in real people as zombies throughout the run of the book.

The Walking Dead Volume 2 Miles Behind Us

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