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Integrative cognitive and affective modeling of deep brain stimulation

Sign in. Are you varying your loudness and pitch, or are you monotone? How often are you using filler words such as 'so' or 'like'? MACH gives you feedback on all this so you can try to do better. The research was spun off into a low-cost Q Sensor product sold by Affectiva that measures electrodermal activity EDA , temperature, and motion. Affectiva recently discontinued the Q Sensor to focus on facial analytics, but the research continues at the Affective Computing group. At our interview, Picard was wearing a new prototype sensor bracelet that reads physiological data related to the autonomic nervous system.

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Picard equips MIT students with the bracelets and observes the signal throughout the day. We are collaborating with researchers who are putting probes deep within the brain, and mapping out what the signals mean. Because the bracelets can be worn around the clock, and not just while the subject is strapped to a scanner, there's a much wider range of emotions.

It's changing our thinking about what's going on inside the brain. The researchers are monitoring college students with physiological and light sensors in everyday life, as well as measuring melatonin in a sleep lab. The goal is to investigate "the Circadian rhythms that students engage in and how those interact with stress, computer and smartphone use, and social interaction," says Picard.

Self-improvement project Some of Picard's technologies could be used in lie detection, she says, but her lab has steered away from that application to focus on "affective states that people want to communicate, but that are not successfully communicated. Improving biosensors, as well as new facial, voice, and gesture analysis tools will let people become "more knowledgeable about things that they can control that affect their health," she says.

The technology can give people feedback on what they're feeling or expressing.

Sometimes we go in the exact opposite direction of where somebody's trying to lead us.