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Are escape routes and safety zones adequate?

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Review what constitutes an adequate safety zone and escape route. Do you have an anchor point?

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How would you establish an anchor point for a frontal assault on a fire? Do you have adequate resources to complete the assault? Discuss things you need to consider; for example, if the frontal assault fails, do you have backup? Are you informed on strategy, tactics, and hazards? In addition to visa costs and solicitors fees, this admittedly included flights, hotels and subsistence, since you have to apply for certain visas from countries of origin.

But they are racist and sexist, too. In a world of structural racism and sexism, imposing a fixed income threshold means actively discriminating against anyone who is not a white man. The emotional costs can outweigh the financial.

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I know how far the hostility goes. In reality, it represents a full frontal assault on family life. As May leaves office, we must begin to tackle and end a hostility that has permeated every aspect of our society and inject humanity and heart back into our immigration system.

Some fear the president's constant undermining of the press as "fake news" will dilute the very idea of objective truth and kneecap trust in American institutions. Many polls have shown this to be true, to some degree.

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Other observers worry the president is ginning up support for an end to the free press in America. In this vein, a popular progressive Christian writer, Rachel Held Evans, on Sunday called for prayer for journalists, suggesting Trump seeks to head a regime that can permanently silence his media critics:.

In Russia, journalists who report the truth about Putin often wind up dead. It is not hyperbolic to say that with his recent rhetoric, the president wants to turn our country in the same direction.

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This critique, while overblown, is not wholly without merit. Indeed, a new poll published Tuesday found more than 40 percent of Republicans believe Trump should be able to shut down news outlets for their "bad behavior. Another fear is one of Trump-inspired violence.

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  6. Sooner or later, as Hamilton Nolan wrote at Splinter News , "someone is going to get killed. Whether it's Jim Acosta shot down at a Trump rally or some nameless local political reporter stalked and murdered in private, it will happen because someone out there will have become convinced that it is the right thing to do. To protect America. Over at The New York Times , Brett Stephens — who received a deeply disturbing voicemail threatening his life — likewise argued that a day is coming "when blood on the newsroom floor will be blood on the president's hands.

    At least one study has shown a correlation between Trump's rhetoric and a rise in violence against his marks: Researchers at the University of Warwick found a spike in anti-Muslim hate crimes "mainly in U. Yet the president's attempt to foster a climate of hate against the press is not quite the same as when an ethnic or religious minority is his prey.

    Journalists are all adults who chose this profession; who expect or should expect an often adversarial relationship with politicians and the state; and who are not identifiable by some external feature, like religious garments or the color of our skin. Most crucially, the press has rhetorical and organizational means to defend ourselves in the court of public opinion in a way many of Trump's other targets do not.

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    By definition we have an amplified voice in the public square. We are equipped to debunk Trump's lies and share the aims and principles that motivate our work.

    Tweeting attacks on the press from the Oval Office, Trump is punching down, but not nearly so far down as when he throws a swing at Syrian refugees or Latin American asylum seekers.