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Not even a movie as cynical as A Face In The Crowd could predict Donald Trump

Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz. Friedrich Kiesler. Endless House. Latest Magazines. May June - July - August As new reports of violence and crimes at large venues become more commonplace, operators of sports and entertainment venues around the United States are becoming increasingly more interested in the use of facial recognition technology 1 to help protect their employees, guests, performers, and athletes.

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Facial recognition technology uses several key points on faces to recognize individuals based upon certain identifying features. Although the business case for employing these techniques is strong and becomes stronger with each technological innovation , venue operators need to consider the legal implications and requirements applicable to the use of this technology — in particular with respect to the myriad laws governing the collection of facial images.

These laws are both in the US and abroad although the focus of this article is primarily on US law.

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This article considers the advantages of the technology and some of the key legal considerations associated with its use. In the end, as with most decisions, there is a balancing test that must be applied before the decision to employ the technology is made. Specifically, it looks at:. There are definitely some tangible benefits to the use of facial recognition technology. It may be used to identify:.

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By utilizing facial recognition technology, the venue operator can create new avenues for advertising and marketing, as well as means of providing security. Recognizing Team Players. Facial scans of individuals entering facilities is a state-of-the-art way to ensure that those coming and going to and from secure areas are only those persons entitled to be present. Unlike a badge or key, a face and the facial markers utilized are uniquely personal and identifiable that only the cleared individual can be permitted entry — one cannot lend its face to another guest or invitee.

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It is also easy to set up a protocol to have a defined group of individuals participate or register. As a security measure and a means of expediting entry, this can be a helpful way to permit cleared individuals into a facility. Identifying and locating publicly recognizable or crowd participant people in the crowd can also be a productive and interesting use of technology.

Consider, for example, the settlement between Katherine Heigl and pharmacy chain Duane Reade after the company tweeted an image of her leaving their store. Given this, the decision to use this type of technology requires consideration of some of the legal obstacles discussed in more detail below. No Place to Hide. Facial recognition technology prevents criminals from being able to hide in crowds. When attempting to locate known criminals, police databases can be used to scan large venues and locate a known fugitive and to locate other individuals who have committed crimes outside of the event who are present during a special concert, game, or other activity taking place.

This enables law enforcement and the venue operators to develop a mutually advantageous partnership with each side getting specific benefits — law enforcement can identify and bring criminals to justice and venue operators can provide for a safer environment for its fans.

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Given that there is no expectation of privacy in public venues, and public venues may find it beneficial to work closely with police to provide assurances of security and responsiveness, the pairing can stretch the arm of the law across fields and into the Big Game. Rewind the Tape. After an incident has occurred, facial recognition technology can be used to later prosecute an individual and track them through the venue. Consider casino movies where security in a back room watches a card shark or purse thief work the room.

This same method can be used in sports and entertainment venues as well. Further, when there is suspicion that a crime has occurred or may take place , the use of sketches and other identifying information with facial recognition technology can help to track a guest through a venue, provide insight into finding lost persons, and offer tips and leads in a criminal investigation. While the benefits of employing facial recognition technology are appealing, there are also some serious business related and legal considerations before implementing facial recognition technology in facilities.

Most notably, a venue operator needs to consider 1 the effectiveness and accuracy of present technologies, 2 notice and consent requirements and options, and 3 security and potential risks associated with storing the images.

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While identifying individuals through the use of facial recognition is an exciting and innovative technique, all forms of technology particularly new and cutting-edge forms have a degree of human error. Just as other eye witness identifications can be flawed, so too may be identifications made using facial recognition technology.

In fact, some reports have suggested that the technology can struggle to differentiate between individuals with darker skin tones. While this concern is highly problematic, the solution may be forthcoming as technology innovators work to eliminate or at least greatly reduce this problem.

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It tricked the brain long enough to take a few seconds to process the faces, giving scientists a chance to see which faces registered the fastest. Likewise, the same might be true for other motivations, such as avoiding danger. Likewise, we could train people with autism to be more sensitive to social cues.

So apparently we pick out whatever we think is most important.