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An operational construction of the sum of two non-commuting observables in quantum theory and related constructions. Synthetic dataset generation for object-to-model deep learning in industrial applications. Domain walls and deconfinement: a semiclassical picture of discrete anomaly inflow.

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Linear impurity modes in an electrical lattice: Theory and Experiment. Evaporation of sessile water droplets on horizontal and vertical bi-philic patterned surfaces. Spin-transfer dynamics in MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions with an out-of-plane magnetized free layer and an in-plane polarizer. Global Regularity of weak solutions to the generalized Leray equations and its applications. Deep learning for channel estimation in FSO communication system.

Implied volatility surface predictability: the case of commodity markets. A first survey of spinning eccentric black hole mergers: numerical relativity simulations, hybrid waveforms, and parameter estimation. Overview of non-transient gamma-ray binaries and prospects for the Cherenkov Telescope Array. Steady-state density functional theory for thermoelectric effects. Tuning high-Q superconducting resonators by magnetic field reorientation.

Posture and sequence recognition for Bharatanatyam dance performances using machine learning approach. Topological changes in the magnetic field of LQ Hya during an activity minimum. Experimental localisation of quantum entanglement through monitored classical mediator. Temperature-dependent hardness of diamond-structured covalent materials.

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Phonon contribution in grazing-incidence fast atom diffraction from insulator surfaces. Iterated suspensions are coalgebras over the little disks operad. Gamma radiation from areal radius minima in a quasi-spherical Szekeres metric. Comment on the article by D. Borah and B. Karmakar "Linear seesaw for Dirac neutrinos with A4 flavour symmetry", Phys. B , arXiv: Sub-Chandrasekhar progenitors favoured for type Ia supernovae: Evidence from late-time spectroscopy. Wavelet invariants for statistically robust multi-reference alignment. Sub-critical Exponential random graphs: concentration of measure and some applications.

A new class of galaxy models with a central BH -- I.

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The spherical case. Beam-energy dependence of the azimuthal anisotropic flow from RHIC. Decomposing complete equipartite multigraphs into cycles of variable lengths: the amalgamation-detachment approach. Tuning entanglement by squeezing magnons in anisotropic magnets.

Uniform Poincaré-Sobolev and isoperimetric inequalities for classes of domains

Entanglement and matrix elements of observables in interacting integrable systems. Understanding and Robustifying Differentiable Architecture Search. Birational and noncommutative lifts of antichain toggling and rowmotion. Orientational ordering and layering of hard plates in narrow slit-like pores. Constraining level densities through quantitative correlations with cross-section data. Multidimensional quantum illumination via direct measurement of spectro-temporal correlations. A note on additive twists, reciprocity laws and quantum modular forms. Angled crested type water waves with surface tension: Wellposedness of the problem.

Perspectives on the distribution of orbits of distant Trans-Neptunian Objects. Bogolyubov invariant via relative spectral invariants on manifolds. Wavefront error tolerancing for direct imaging of exo-Earths with a large segmented telescope in space. Arecibo 4.

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An inversion formula with hypergeometric polynomials and application to singular integral operators. Epidemic spreading on modular networks: the fear to declare a pandemic. Continuous variable direct secure quantum communication using Gaussian states. Risk-sensitive safety specifications for stochastic systems using Conditional Value-at-Risk.

The complications of learning from Super Soft Source X-ray spectra. Beyond the one-dimensional configuration coordinate model of photoluminescence. Age-velocity dispersion relation in the disc from Planetary Nebulae. Solitonic combinations, commuting nonselfadjoint operators, and applications. Nucleation of Dislocations in 3. Semi-Poisson nearest-neighbor distance statistics for a 2D dissipative map.

Calibration and first measurements of MuTe: a hybrid Muon Telescope for geological structures. Gravitational footprints of massive neutrinos and lepton number breaking.

Cosmology in a model with Lagrange multiplier, and Gauss-Bonnet and non-minimal kinetic couplings. Electric field spectroscopy of material defects in transmon qubits. Integrating high-quality dielectrics with one-nanometer equivalent oxide thickness on two-dimensional electronic devices. Deep Conservation: A latent dynamics model for exact satisfaction of physical conservation laws. On the direct and inverse transmission eigenvalue problems for the Schrodinger operator on the half line.

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Indefinite Schwarz-Pick inequalities on the bidisk application of Hilbert module theory. Probabilities of deviations for weak record numbers in simple random walks. Single-shot Stokes polarimetry enabled by a digital micromirror device. Deterministic generation and partial retrieval of a spin-wave excitation in an atomic ensemble.

Analytic theory of stochastic oscillations in single-cell gene expression. Efficient estimation of a Gromov--Hausdorff distance between unweighted graphs. On factorization algebras arising in the quantum geometric Langlands theory. Ultra-efficient frequency comb generation in AlGaAs-on-insulator microresonators. Gap-type dark localized modes in a Bose-Einstein condensate with optical lattices. Asymmetric localized states in periodic potentials with a domain wall-like Kerr nonlinearity. Gaussian-like and flat-top solitons of atoms with spatially modulated repulsive interactions.

Resonant absorption of kink oscillations in coronal flux tubes with continuous magnetic twist. Stationary and dynamical properties of one-dimensional quantum droplets. Second-order optimality conditions for multiobjective optimization problems with constraints. Superscarred quasimodes on flat surfaces with conical singularities.

Antiproton production in heavy-ion collisions at subthreshold energies.

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Strangeness and hypernuclear production in fragmentation reactions induced by antikaons. Passive advection of fractional Brownian motion by random layered flows. Regularization and geometry of piecewise smooth systems with intersecting discontinuity sets.

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Photoelectron spectra after multiphoton ionization of Li atoms in the one-photon Rabi-flopping regime. Using theoretical ROC curves for analysing machine learning binary classifiers. Desperate times call for desperate measures: government spending multipliers in hard times. A fast Gauss transform in one dimension using sum-of-exponentials approximations. Stability for coupled waves with locally disturbed Kelvin-Voigt damping. Possible progression of mass flow processes around young intermediate-mass stars based on high-resolution near-infrared spectroscopy. On the group of spheromorphisms of the homogeneous non-locally finite tree.

An optical implementation of quantum bit commitment using infinite-dimensional systems. Comment on "Apical charge flux-modulated in-plane transport properties of cuprate superconductors". Tailoring the optical and physical properties of La doped ZnO nanostructured thin films. An algorithm and new bounds for the circular flow number of snarks. On the calculation of quantum mechanical electron transfer rates. Incompressible and fast rotation limit for barotropic Navier-Stokes equations at large Mach numbers. Superposition principle for qubit states in spin-projection mean representation. Topological entropy and metric entropy for regular impulsive semiflows.

Wormhole solutions with a polynomial equation-of-state; minimum violation of null energy condition. Exceptional autonomous components of Goldbach factorization graphs.