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The T6 fits most pocketclip screws and the T8 fits most pivot and handle screws. Be sure to use a Torx bit and not an Allen bit.

The slight difference in shape will strip the heads of the screws. Torx tools are available for purchase at both online and brick-and-mortar hardware retailers at relatively inexpensive prices. If screws on your knife come loose frequently or you think the holes may be stripped, try using some blue Loctite and let the Loctite set up for 24 hours before using your knife.

Please feel free to contact Zero Tolerance Warranty Service if you have any questions. The easiest and surest way to make sure your knife stays sharp is to send it back to us for free sharpening when the knife becomes dull. Just pay for shipping it to our Tualatin, Oregon facility. We will be happy to sharpen your knife for free for as long as you own the knife. For more information on this service, see the Warranty Questions. If you wish to sharpen your knife yourself, we can recommend the Kershaw Ultra-Tek sharpener.

You can also successfully sharpen your knife on a whetstone or other specialty sharpeners. Just wipe your knife down to remove surface dust and debris. If the knife is very dirty, wash it with soap and water, dry thoroughly, then oil it. Wiping a light coating of oil on the blade and hinge before storage is also important for keeping your investment in proper working order. Accidents happen. If you accidentally broke your Zero Tolerance folding knife's blade, we have good news. Simply send your knife in according to warranty instructions.

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We'll replace the blade for you and return the knife. Please note that we cannot replace fixed blade knives. Knives with XXXX on their blades are factory seconds and are not eligible for repair or replacement. We also cannot replace blades for discontinued knives or limited-edition knives.

ZT blades that have broken due to a manufacturing defect will be replaced under warranty, free of charge, as always. Yes, we will happily sharpen any Zero Tolerance knife for you. We also sharpen every ZT knife sent in for warranty service as part of our normal procedure. Please know that we can only sharpen and repair ZT knives.

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If you have a serrated ZT, we will be happy to hone it for you, but we cannot sharpen it. Thank you for understanding this necessary change to our policy. If you live in the area, you may also bring your knives in for sharpening to our facility in Tualatin, Oregon.

We can sharpen up to two knives while you wait; if you have more than two that need sharpening, they will be ready for you to pick up the next day. If there is any problem with your coverage, we will call you to discuss your knife.

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Otherwise, we will repair your knife within our usual turnaround time. We encourage you to ship via UPS or Fed-Ex as these companies automatically provide a tracking number. The tracking number allows you to easily verify your knife's arrival at our facility. No other Post Office services offer step-by-step tracking. We can send you screws, pocketclips, torsion bars, pivot bolt and screws, and handle screws. We cannot send blades, handle scales, liners, etc.

If you need a blade, more than one part, or parts other than those we can ship, please send your knife in for warranty service. If you want us to ship you screws, a pocketclip, a torsion bar, pivot bolts and screws, or handle screws, please use the Contact Us form on the bottom of this page to request parts. Remember that parts are specific to each knife model, so please make sure the model number is included in your request for parts. You can locate the four-digit model number for example, on the blade. The information you need can be found here. Please use a box.

Padded envelopes are often ripped or torn open during the shipping process and your knife could be lost. We cannot be responsible for knives lost during shipping. You will find safe packing tips here. Taxes will be applied to your order if it is delivered from the same state or province as your shipping address. Some areas require tax to be assessed on shipping and handling charges.

Since we don't know the fulfillment location until after you place your order, your checkout screen and order confirmation email may not include taxes. We currently ship only to the United States and Canada. Some states and provinces require taxes to be applied to shipping and handling fees, so the final shipping charges will be shown at checkout.

Kai USA is pleased to partner with Kibo, formerly known as Shopatron, a shopping service designed to make it easy for you to shop online and get the products you want promptly.

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The Kibo network allows you to order products online directly from a manufacturer's website, making online shopping more convenient. When you shop at an online store with Kibo, you are guaranteed to receive authentic merchandise from an authorized retailer. Kibo also allows you to access the entire product line of the brand on one convenient site.

This online store was created to provide a convenient, efficient, and reliable way for our customers to purchase our quality knives online. When your order is taken online, it is matched with the nearest authorized retailer with the items in stock and shipped within two business days.

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This system supports local retailers while providing you with excellent customer service and prompt shipping; most orders arrive within business days. For more information on PayPal Credit, click here. You may cancel your order at any time. Just login to your online account or phone the Shopatron customer service team. Create an account as part of the checkout process and you can login to your account anytime to check order history and status.

You may also login as a guest and check status using the order number you receive in our confirmation email. The claims regarding James Black and his knives have been challenged by historians and knife experts. The term "Bowie knife" appeared in advertising multiple places by , about 8 years after the sandbar brawl, while James Bowie was still alive. From context, "Bowie knife" needed no description then, but the spelling was variable. Among the first mentions was a plan to combine a Bowie knife and pistol. Cutlers were shipping sheath knives from Sheffield England by the early s.

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By a writer in a Baltimore newspaper posted from New Orleans suggested that every reader had seen a Bowie knife. The Bowie knife found its greatest popularity in the Old Southwest of the midth century. However, accounts of Bowie knife fighting schools are based on fiction; newspapers of the era in the region contained advertisements for classes in fencing and self-defense.

Bowie knives had a role in the American conflicts of the nineteenth century. They are historically mentioned in the independence of Texas, in the Mexican War, the California gold rush, the civil strife in Kansas , the Civil War and later conflicts with the American Indians. John Brown abolitionist carried a Bowie which was taken by J. An illustration of the reputed event showed a Bowie knife. The popularity of the Bowie knife declined late in the nineteenth century.

Large-caliber and reliable revolvers were available by the mids, reducing a knife advantage. Prior to the Civil War most handguns were single- or double-barrel muzzle-loaders, and the percussion cap was considered a great leap forward in reliability even then; multiple shot pepperboxes and crude revolvers were available, but often in small caliber, highly unreliable, and expensive.

The frontier rapidly vanished, reducing the number of hunters and trappers. Large knives had limited utility, so Bowies shrunk. Since the s, Bowie knives with sawteeth machined into the back side of the blade appeared inspired by the United States Air Force survival knife NSN The sawteeth were intended to cut through the acrylic glass canopy of a downed aircraft. Jim Bowie was posthumously inducted into the Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall of Fame at the Blade Show in Atlanta , Georgia in recognition for the impact that his design made upon generations of knife makers and cutlery companies.

Custom knife maker Ernest Emerson originally used a Bowie knife in his logo and manufactures a folding Bowie known in his line-up as the CQC Some were works of fine art. A giant folding Bowie, almost 7 feet 2. A few huge Bowies up to 9 feet 2. Over the years many knives have been called Bowie knives and the term has almost become a generic term for any large sheath knife.

The Bowie knife is sometimes confused with the " Arkansas toothpick ," possibly due to the interchangeable use of the names "Arkansas toothpick", "Bowie knife", and "Arkansas knife" in the antebellum period. While balanced and weighted for throwing, the toothpick can be used for thrusting and slashing. Although James Black is popularly credited with inventing the "Arkansas Toothpick", no firm evidence exists for this claim.

get link Knives made in Sheffield , England, were quick to enter the market with "Bowie Knives" of a distinctive pattern that most modern users identify with the true form Bowie.