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By the time I got home to my family, I was spent. Nights were hard, as sleep was challenging. A colleague finally convinced me to see a pain management specialist. That visit changed my life. He has worked with me to find various ways to keep my pain under control. I have had spinal cord surgery, employ mind-body approaches, and use opioids.

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I take the absolute smallest dose of pain medication possible. Opioids have that potential, but so does pain.

In my work surveying rural health clinics for accreditation, I have seen how difficult it is for people living away from big cities to control their chronic pain. Some rural health clinics are staffed by nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

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They provide safe, quality health care and are often the only health care providers available to entire communities. Although I appreciate the need to tighten up the prescribing of opioids, I worry that medical legislation could make life more difficult for people living with chronic pain, especially rural Americans. Some experts have proposed that only pain management specialists be allowed to prescribe opioids for chronic pain.

But for rural Americans, the closest pain specialist may be many miles away. Since doctors can now prescribe only a day supply of opioids, that means making the trip once a month. Many specialists also require mandatory urine testing, which only adds to the financial hardship of treatment. Getting different people with different perspectives to the table is the first step in solving this crisis.

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At least one of the seats should be occupied by someone promoting the conversation about rural health care. I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a connective tissue disorder. It leads to frequent joint dislocations, ligament and tendon tears, and muscle spasms that cause intense acute and chronic pain. My daily pain from it is compounded by whiplash injuries I got not long ago from being rear-ended by an SUV. Most of these have been unhelpful; others provide temporary relief, often at great expense. At the end of the day, when my body is fully depleted of its resources and in the most pain, a single dose of Percocet is the only tool that silences the pain enough for me to fall asleep.

They will take credit for both and make money at the same time. Pain is subjective, so we can't judge. Before prescribing narcotics, spend time with patient and ask in detail. Ask about when, which condition, weather, etc. That is more effective than narcotics. Alternative medicine gives an excellent results.

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Extend her findings to what is happening in the real world and you'll find, discounting the pill mill doctors who 'know' their patients for all of 3 minutes, that it is a tiny fraction of chronic pain patients who've become addicted. Dependent physically, yes--like a diabetic physically dependent on insulin. But no sell the family out for one more dose pychological craving or wild impulsivity. Even if they did, people experiencing significant chronic pain want the pain gone and gone quickly.

I suffer from chronic paid. I have degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis and Inflammatory joint disease severe arthritis which affects every joint in my body. The 90 mme recommendation by the CDC is ridiculous. Why does this have to be so complicated? Simply make it mandatory for all participated physicians to do random pill counts. That way medications stay with the patients. I know of 5 deaths due to overdose, three from heroin and two from cocaine. To the best of my knowledge not one of these individuals started with pain meds! What I do know is we have a huge problem with heroin and a resurgence of cocaine and crack.

No doubt there was a problem with pain medications in the past, however, I have yet to hear of anyone overdosing from pain meds locally. They certainly need a system in place to monitor pain medications i. There was nothing in place before, hence the problem with easy to get pain meds. I have yet to understand the logic of taking medicine away from people in pain which Don has so knowingly remarked on. You hit the nail on the head, this is what I've been noticing. Heroin is being factored in with all other opiate medications and every single time you see a sentence about an overdose death it says "from heroin and other opiates".

I guaranty if heroin was reported separately from prescription pain medicine like it should and has in the past, there would not be all these crazy overdose statistics. These are almost all heroin related! Yes, occasionally some stupid people die from prescription pain medicine overdoses, but not nearly the amount that's reported and causing this fake yes FAKE "epidemic" to blow up as the newest buzzword bullshit propaganda that has nothing to do with anything but money! Nothing ever has anything to do with "our health", everything is simply reduced down to money, power and sex.

I feel so bad for all those suffering and I was appalled today to read that the CDC claims that prescriptions have not tapered off in the last decade!! What's being reported is not matching what I'm seeing, surprise surprise! But this time, it has to do with some of my best friends lives and all of you all who's stories broke my heart.

I juggle 3 of my closest friends texting me nearly every night wanting to take their own lives because they're so miserable, and they are all in their 30's and previously never have said they wanted to die when their pain was under control and they could do more than lay in bed. This is just so sad, I may not understand entirely but I really feel for you guys and I hope things improve. I now just live in so much pain everyday and it has so much cut the quality of life.. I don't know if alcohol sales are being tracked, but it would make sense that we will have an increase in alcohol related accidents, deaths, etc.

Amen Brother! Sorry but it it's a duck call it a duck and it sucks!

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I've been on my pain meds for over 4 years now and never OD'd always passes their damn piss tests and always hit a pill count yet I'm being treated like a damn druggie dealer!??? I too have severe chronic pain and have had it for 15 years. I suffered for 10 years before that going to doctor after doctor and had 's of tests done before being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I have since been diagnosed with Lipedema, Inflammatory arthritis, Ostearthritis and have been told my symptoms are that of an auto-immune disease. I was very active and healthy with 2 young children and a full time job when the pain started.

I hate drinking but the pain was unbearable. I could not leave my house except for short periods that could not be avoided and I was put on disability. Then finally I was put on the short acting opiods. I could function for 3 hours and then the pain would hit me like a truck. I would stumble and stutter and had trouble staying awake. I felt drunk. Took another 4 hour pill, an hour later, back to normal for 3 hours. This is why I was put on ER morphine. I still had pain, even at mg twice a day, but I could function enough to live my life. I am one of those people who need higher doses to get the same result other people get at a lower dose.


I have a DNA letter stating so. I have been on them for 15 years now. I do not feel the medication, I only feel relief from pain.